Thought Leadership: Retail Perspectives

Retail is experiencing an identity crisis, as e-commerce continues to influence the way consumers shop. And while brick and mortar retail is still quite healthy, this changing consumer behavior is affecting the way we design and program retail spaces. In a thought leadership series, Retail Perspectives, on the Fahrenheit 212 blog, The Boiling Point, I write about this changing landscape, discuss how retailers can (and should) react, and think about how to design for the future of retail.

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Retail Feels—The IRL Opportunity

In the changing landscape of retail experiences, what is the new metric of 'value' for our brick and mortar spaces?

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Honey, I Shrunk our Stores

Expanding into urban markets requires more than simply shrinking your footprint.

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Building for a Flexible Future

As consumer demands flip retail paradigms, how should we build for future experiences?